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Effective Overland Park Chiropractic Services

At Fulk Chiropractic, we focus on getting you results.

Our Goals Are 3-Fold:

1.  Determine the Cause of Your Pain

It might seem obvious that the first step in a treatment plan should be to determine what is causing the pain.  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.   Many doctor’s simply treat the symptoms, never really addressing what’s causing them.

They might prescribe pain medication, suggest shots to numb the pain and even recommend surgery.

We believe that pain is a sign that something is wrong.  Therefore, our chiropractic services focus on discovering the true cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing.

We do this through a physical and neurological chiropractic exam and consultation as well as X-rays.

2.  Eliminate the Pain by Restoring Proper Alignment

When joints in the body (whether in your spine or even in your elbow) become misaligned, they often become “locked up.”  This often causes swelling and puts pressure on the nerves, resulting in pain or numbness/tingling.

Our primary chiropractic services: chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy restore motion to the locked joint, allowing them to bend and move as you to bend and move.

3.  Strengthen the Muscles Surrounding The Injured Joint

Depending on how long a joint has been out of its proper alignment, it make take some time to “retrain” it so that it doesn’t slip back out of alignment.  Our chiropractors usually prescribe specific exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the injured joint, returning you to full health.

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