Understand Which Sports Injuries are the Most Serious 

Whether your child plays volleyball, baseball, softball, football or basketball, the pressure to stay "in the game" and the thrill of competition can drive kids (and parents) to push their bodies too hard. 

kansas city worst football injuriesAs a Kansas City parent of a student athlete, it's important that you know the warning signs that your child may have sports injuries.  

Injuries to child athletes are on the rise.  Some have even called it an epidemic.

In this Sports Injury Checklist we give Kansas City parents:
  • Lists of the most overlooked: 
    • Baseball injuries

    • Softball Injuries

    • Football Injuries

    • Volleyball Injuries

    • Basketball Injuries

    • Soccer Injuries

  • The signs to look for that may indicate that your child have a sports injury that they're overlooking or ignoring.
  • The reasons for the recent increase in student injuries.
  • The confidence to know when it may be time to have your child evaluated by a your local chiropractor.
Knowing when a child is most at risk for developing sports injuries and understanding sports injury treatment options will help to prevent student athletes from having serious or long-term sports injuries.  

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